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Bob Gelber- Founder of Walkin' NY


As a native New Yorker, Bob has always enjoyed showing off his City,  Exploring interesting areas that are not on the typical tourist itinerary -- from DUMBO, Brooklyn to the Meatpacking District to Fifth Avenue.  

Every neighborhood has stories to tell about the architecture, people and businesses, that make New York City a fascinating and unique place to visit.  Join Bob for a walk on any of his posted tours or let him him create a tour in a neighborhood you have been curious to experience and learn more about.

As a 15- year volunteer with OpenHouse New York, he has learned much about New York's built environment.  During that time he has been a staff member volunteer at the Metropolitan Museum o Art, one of the greatest art institutions in the World.

Enjoying this great city and all it has to offer has been his passion, and sharing it with New Yorkers and visitors from all over the World has been his joy.


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